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Equipment Sales and Promotions Save $150 On New SCUBA Gear

Save $150 On New SCUBA Gear


save1Everybody likes saving money on SCUBA gear and Scubaland likes to say “Thanks for choosing us…!” When you sign up for your PADI Open Water Diver or Advanced Open Water Diver course you will receive a $150 credit that you can use towards the purchase of a full set of new SCUBA gear. Your student discount still applies so this is an EXTRA $150 off your new gear! 6 months of deferred interest financing is also available to those who qualify. By combining your credit, your student discount, and our financing program you may be able to use your own brand-new SCUBA gear for your certification course with no additional out of pocket expense!

Your credit will remain for 30 days after the completion of course. However, we recommend purchasing your equipment before or during your course so you have the opportunity to train with the equipment you are going to dive with. Our dive pros will help you fit and tune your equipment to make your diving comfortable and effortless. You will also have the opportunity to exchange any equipment that isn’t working for you. We will insure that by the end of your course you will have equipment that you know how to use and enjoy using!

save2The credit is good towards the purchase of a life-support equipment package. The package includes a buoyancy compensation device, a regulator set, and a dive instrument. Scubaland has a wide variety of equipment to choose from we’ll work with your budget to find you the package that will be best for you. All the equipment we sell is backed by manufacturer and Scubaland warranties so you can be confident that your life support gear will be able to serve you for many years of exciting diving!

save3Financing is provided by Synchrony Credit, a well-known consumer credit company. Our financing options are 6 and 12 month deferred interest programs. There is no additional charge for financing and as long as the balance is paid in full by the end of the promotional period you will pay no interest. A credit check is required and takes about 5 minutes. You may qualify for more or less than your total purchase. You are welcome to use as much or as little of your available credit as you like. Financing can also be combined with other forms of payments like credit cards and cash. If you are planning a payment strategy and need to know how much financing you qualify for we recommend stopping by the shop and filling out the application. We can get an answer for you and you are not required to make a purchase at that time.

Already certified? We've got you covered!

aow-card-150xYou too can take advantage of our $150 credit promotion. Sign up for an Advanced Open Water, Rescue Diver, Enriched Air Nitrox, or other specialty courses and you too will receive your student discount and $150 credit towards the purchase of a set of life support equipment. Nothing will help you get your new gear squared away like a peak performance buoyancy dive, a deep dive, a night dive, and a navigation dive with our dive pros showing you how everything works and helping you tune it to your needs. Remember, you can sign up for a course now to take advantage of this promotion and schedule your course any time during 2018. If you aren't ready to schedule your course when you sign up, that's OK. We'll have you on record and will enroll you in a specific course when you're ready.

You're getting more than gear at Scubaland!

In addition to top quality gear from major manufacturers your gear is backed by Scubaland service and support. Here are just a few of the services that we provide:

expertise-150xOur Expertise – All of our store staff are divers. Most of them are Instructors. We dive with the equipment we sell in order to gain first-hand experience with a wide variety of BCDs, regulators, dive computer, wetsuits, dry suits, and more. Our staff includes local divers, international dive travelers, recreational divers, technical divers, photographers, and more. We'll use our expertise to help you choose the equipment that is right for you.

Satisfaction Guarantee – If you purchase a piece of equipment that isn't working for you, just let us know. We'll help you find another option and exchange the gear. Our goal is to get you into equipment you enjoy using!

Product Registration – Many manufacturers require your life support equipment to be registered in order for you to use your manufacturer's warranty. If you would like us to help you register your new equipment, just ask! We're happy to help!

Make Ready Service – We will assemble and test your gear for you, show you how to care for your gear, help you with the initial configuration of your dive computer, and show you how to use all the features of your new equipment at no charge.

Red Line Service – If you are having an equipment emergency we've got you covered. We all know that SCUBA diving requires planning but sometimes even the best laid plans are left on the side of the road. Depending on your situation we may be able to move you up in the service queue or fix something on the spot. If not, we may be able to offer you a free loaner or special rental pricing. Just remember, if you have an emergency, Scubaland has options.

Free Bench Checks – If you have a trip coming up and want to check out your gear before you leave come see us. We'll hook up your gear and give it a bench check and tuning at no charge. You may also want to schedule some pool time for an in-water equipment check. For a nominal fee, you are welcome to use our in-door heated pool.

Free Tank Rental – You some new dive equipment and now you want to diving, right? First tank is on us! Grab a free tank rental and go get your gear wet!

Reduced Pricing on Classes – Ask about special pricing SCUBA refreshers, Equipment Specialty, Enriched Air Nitrox, Peak Performance Buoyancy, and Advanced Open Water course. All of these courses are great courses to take if you have recently purchased new SCUBA gear. We'll help you make it happen!