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Air Fills

Scubaland has more than doubled our air fill capacity at all three locations to support our growing beginner and continuing education courses as well as our local divers. There is plenty of air for everyone!

Air Fills $10 per tank (all sizes) All cylinders are filled to their working pressures. For a standard aluminum 80 cu. ft. tank with a working pressure of 3000 psi, a normal fill will be 2800-3200 psi. We do fill tanks with working pressures up to 3500 psi.  We do not over pressurize tanks.  Tank pressure gauges are available at all stores. Please check your fill before leaving the store.  If you have a fill that is more than 200 psi below the working pressure of the cylinder, please ask the store staff to top off your tank or check for a leak.  All cylinders must have current hydrostatic inspections and visual inspections.
Nitrox Fills $20 per tank and "clean" air fills $15 per tank (all sizes)

Rental cylinder mix for Nitrox is NOAA 1 (32% oxygen). Custom blends up to 40% oxygen are also available with 24 hours notice.  All tanks receiving pure Oxygen must be properly cleaned and labeled for Oxygen service.  If you have questions about proper tank markings or cleaning procedures, speak to one of our certified gas blenders for help.  All cylinders must have current hydrostatic and visual inspections.

All cylinders must have current hydrostatic inspections.